How i do Headlines clickable?

I have read: Adding Classes and IDs to v2 Elements, Setup - How To Locate Category IDs, and I still dont get it right, i tried to add #Customwebdesign #CustomWebsiteDevelopment #WebsiteDesign+SEOBundle in the ID box and it didnt work.

Hi Hans,

Perhaps the previous instructions were not clear or specific enough so I will give you a step by step guide on how to do it on your current setup.

Let’s say we need to link directly to the Website Design + SEO Bundle part of the Website Development page:

So, the first thing you need to do is to assign an ID to that area of the page

This is necessary because the ID will serve as the identifier of that area/section which we will use later to tell the browser to go to that specific section through the ID we assign to it.

ID should be unique on a page and there should be no other areas/element/content on the page with the same ID.

For this example, I set the ID web-design-seo-bundle to the Website Design + SEO Bundle section. Here’s how I did it on your page:

Please do not forget to save the page.

Next step is to specify the ID of that section in the menu item link

You will have to do this in the Menu settings of your site:

Since we are trying to link to the Website Design + SEO Bundle section of the web development page, we will have to edit the menu settings of your Web Development menu since the Website Design + SEO Bundle menu item is there.

You currently have: set to the URL of Website Design + SEO Bundle. What this will do is it will merely link to the web development page itself and land on the top of the page since we did not specify which part of the page it should link to.

This is where we will have to make use of the unique ID we have assigned to the Website Design + SEO Bundle section of the web development page.

We will have to assign: to the URL of Website Design + SEO Bundle menu item.

Let us dissect the URL segment to further understand it:

1. The URL of the actual page
2. The ID of the section

Basically, the first part of the URL is the action page URL then the second part is the ID of the section prepended by # to signify that we are linking to an ID to is assigned to a page element.

The result now is:

You can check the settings I have made on the pages for reference which you can do to the other sections you want to directly link to.

Hope this helps.

it worked, thank you for your cooperation, i appreciate it

You’re most welcome, Hans.

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