Full width header in X Theme


I would like to have our header full width with X theme, and also responsive on mobile. What would be the CSS for it?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately, providing custom CSS is beyond the scope of Theme Support. Alternatively, you can create a custom Header using Header Builder which is exclusively available with Pro not the X you are using, and make the Header full width as you are trying.
I would suggest you upgrade to the Pro theme, please go through the process here: https://theme.co/docs/converting-from-x-to-pro
And also go through the following article on Header Builder.


And then you can add the following Navigation element for the desktop:

  1. Navigation Inline

And then you can add the following Navigation elements for smaller screen:

  1. Navigation Dropdown
  2. Navigation Modal
  3. Navigation Off Canvas

And adjust the Navigation by using the Customize > Hide During Breakpoint option to show/hide in the specific screen size.


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