Dynamic Content from ACF Custom Post Image URL

Hi guys, just to confirm I am loving X Pro as I get more used to what can be achieved!
I now have a challenge with custom post attributes and image URLs.
The external image URLs are pulled in via WP All Import into Advanced Custom Fields Pro.
From there how can I add the image as dynamic content?

Hello Steve,

Thanks for writing in! Please go your ACF field settings and find the field name of the external image URL. You can then use something like: {{dc:acf:post_field field="field_name"}} in an Image element or in a background option of the section, row or Div element.

Hope this helps.

Secure note added - these may be useful too. Many thanks

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out!

We’re sorry for the delay! I check your setup and in your repeater images, there’s no value in xurl fields. That’s the reason why it is not pulling the images in your single layout.

To proceed with the next steps, you should add the internal image link in the boats single pages because when you run the WP All Import the data didn’t fill the fields.

That being said, I suggest that you manually add the external image links or you may run again the XML files and it should fill the data correctly to your xurl fields.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to pull the images in your repeater fields, please check this example.

  • I manually added an image link in your xurl ( for testing purposes only)

  • In your columns, I set it as looper provider (dynamic content ) {{dc:acf:post_field field=“images”}}. This will get the repeater fields base on our documentation here.


  • Then I set the image element to looper consumer then use the looper current item to display the images.


  • As you can see in the Layout Builder, it is showing the right image that we manually added in the xurl field.

Hope that helps.