Difference between regular support and One service support

What is the difference between this 2 types of support?

Hello Pavlito,

Thanks for writing in!

Our Forum Support is for the X theme, Cornerstone, or any Pro theme support inquiries. Our support covers getting your site set up, bug fixes, and minor cosmetic changes. Custom coding (CSS, JS, PHP, etc) is beyond the scope of our Forum Support. 3rd party plugins are also beyond the scope of our support.

As for the ONE support, you can get help with any question on any platform which means that ONE support can help you if you are using WordPress, Shopify, 3rd party plugins, or even custom HTML coding. With ONE support, there is nothing off-limits. If it’s something you use, we’re happy to help. 3rd party plugins, customizations, all of it!

Hope this helps.

Can the one help me to create i.e. custom loop in cornerstone? Or how to add specific functionality on X ?

Hey @pavlito,

We can suggest but we can’t guarantee a working solution. You need to implement our suggestions. If you need a working solution, you might want to take a look at our Elite service where our development team would do the coding for you.

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