ConvertPlug Messing with the Site

Hey there,

We’re building a new platform using Theme X for our online program and half way through the site started to slow down and acting really weird. I’m using a lot of accordions and I initially wrote that I thought that was the issue but I have discovered that it is the ConvertPlug plugin. I wanted to reach out to them for support but I dont have verified purchase so cant submit a ticket.

Is it a known issue that convertplug is slowing down the site and making it overall buggy? I’m using A LOT of them and maybe that’s why, but I didn’t read anywhere that it should be limited to a certain amount of modals per site. Is there a particular setting that could help maybe?



Site is on temporary domain as of now:

Hi Ann,

Is the content of your Convertplus (new name of Convertplug) modal a video? Let’s try to use caching. See this article to improve page performance:

Let us know how this goes.

I’m using gifs, text, images, and videos. I had to disable the plugin because of the poor performance. This is a hosted wordpress site by GoDaddy and caching should already been taken care of with that kind of hosting.

Any other suggestions?

Hi there,

First of all, we need to check if the performance problem is caused by the amount of the modals or not. Would you please kindly do this test:

  • Deactivate and Delete the ConvertPlug plugin.
  • Go to X > Overview, and scroll down to find the COnvertPlus extension and install it.
  • Set different modals on ConvertPlus.
  • Create a test page.
  • Add Modals one by one and check for the performance.

Get back to us with the results.

Thank you.

I’m a little confused to why I have to do what I have already done? I have about 40+ modals added and if I delete the plugin I’ll have to re-add them all again. The issue started when I reached this amount of modals.


Hi There,

40+ Modals are quite a lot, that might be causing your hosting service to fail the demands of memory of your website:

if you delete the plugin via FTP and re-install it you wont lose your work.

But I believe the issue is related to the numbers of modals you have which are way out of the standard.

How many modals are you loading per page?

Why are you using that many modals if I may ask so we can think of ways of improving the archteture of your site.


We’re building an online program and instead of adding all text/images to a program step, we wanted to use popups that would appear when clicking “Help Text” throughout the program. Some steps may have up to 7 different modals I believe. It was simply a way to not overload the user with too much information. Any suggestions for how we could accomplish a similar outcome without using plugin/popup? I guess accordions would work but we are already using that for our videos and wanted something different for help text.

Sorry if that’s not making sense and thanks for the follow up.


Hi There,

Convertplug is great , but I dont believe it is built to be used as you are trying to use and therefore the conflicts.

A good alternative would be to use the lightbox functionality.

A good approach would be to create pages with the content which you want inside the lightbox, you can use Cornerstone to create this pages.

You will link a word link or an image to your page using a class which will be the same as your lightbox selector.

The only important thing, is that when you create your pages, on wordpress classic back end editor, under the blue update button you will find Page Attributes | Page Templates | Select Blank No Container NO HEADER NO FOOTER so just the content opens on the lightbox without the header and footter and that will ensure it looks good.

Hope it helps!

Hi Joao,

That helps a lot! It works much better when I have images, I need a different solution for text though. It would give us 40+ pages if creating a page for each individual popup… I will have to research that more. Maybe there’s a plugin where you can display text only as a popup?

I’m wondering though, when you open the image for the first time, this blue circle-like-thing shows up at the top of the page for a second and then the lightbox opens. I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find anything about it – not sure what it is called really :slight_smile: And I tried getting a screenshot of it but of course it didn’t show now!

Also, I created a lightbox gallery that is triggered by a button, is there a way to add ightbox_caption to that too? I can add the code to the first image which is added with a url, but how do I add it to the gallery images (image “738,737”)? (see code below). Also, this gallery seems a bit crazy when you open it, it kinda scrolls the wrong way and always jumps 2 images at the time – stressing me out a bit! haha! I tried adding the first image as the display image but still the same issue.

Sorry for the lengthy message and thanks again for all the support!


[gallery link="file" ids="738,737"]
[lightbox selector=".gallery-item a" thumbnails="true"]
[button class="gallery-item" href="" lightbox_caption="Test Caption 1" title="Example"][x_icon type="play-circle"]Visual of Different Glute Muscles[/button]

Hi there,

I don’t see any blue circle when I open the image. Maybe it’s just due to cache.

About the lightbox, it seems to be working fine. In your button, you don’t need to add class="gallery-item" since you already wrapped it with <div class="gallery-item"></div>. Would you mind providing a video recording about the scroll and jump issues? I can’t reproduce it either, it’s smooth in my end.


Attached is a screenshot of the blue thing that’s coming down. It’ll shop up the first time I open the lightbox after clearing the cache.

For the class, if I remove the second class it won’t take the styling I have added to the button to make it not look like a button. See screen recording here: for the activity – you can also see the blue thing coming down from the top. I’m trying to move one step at the time to the side but almost every time I do, it is jumping twice. Works fine if I click the thumbnails below though.

Side note: I moved my site to a VPS yesterday and I keep getting a CSS error : “Failed to load content css:” you dont happen to know how to fix that?


Hi there,

Looks like your migration is incomplete or corrupted. That file doesn’t exist which is why it’s not loading.

As for scrolling issue, please add this CSS to your global custom CSS.

.ilightbox-thumbnails .ilightbox-thumbnails-grid {
    display: block;
    position: static;
    margin: 0 auto;

And for the blue element, please add this CSS too

.ilightbox-loader {
display: none !important;



The CSS for the lighbox loader (haha – can’t believe I called it a blue thing!) worked perfect. The gallery is still the same :frowning:

Hi there,

Where did you add it? I can’t find the first CSS, please try this one too with !important. To make sure the CSS isn’t overloaded by another CSS.

.ilightbox-thumbnails .ilightbox-thumbnails-grid {
    display: block !important;
    position: static !important;
    margin: 0 auto !important;

Hope this helps.

I added it under Custom -> Edit Global CSS. Updated with “!important” but still the same issue. Why does it start from the right image too? I feel like starting from left would make more sense :slight_smile:

Thanks for keep looking in to it iam!


Hi Ann,

Do you have caching? Try to clear cache. Compare to what you have shown, it is not showing on the source code.

Regarding the direction of the lightbox, that’s the default and changing the direction is possible with custom development which is outside the scope of our support. Thank you for understanding. For more lightbox available options, see this:

Cleared my cache and it is indeed showing up but the issue is still there.

Hi there,

It’s not there, please check the video recording. I also checked your global custom CSS and it’s not there so I went ahead and added that CSS. It should be okay now.



The recording is not available… Where did you add it? And why didn’t it show up for you when I had added it but I could see it?

What do I have to do to make the first image show first and not the last one?

Hi there,

I added the recording in a secure note, but re-adding it here again

Please note that you should download the video, and ignore the login prompt (it pops if you’re not logged in in dropbox).

I’m not sure what’s the issue, but I directly checked it in Pro > Launch > Theme Options > CSS and it’s not added. Maybe you’re working on multiple windows and you added it in another window and saved it, but you also saved it in another window where CSS is not updated.

And to reverse the images order then please add this as well,

.ilightbox-thumbnails .ilightbox-thumbnails-grid .ilightbox-thumbnail {
    float: right !important;