ConvertPlug Messing with the Site

This is so strange but I cleared all my cache and the issue is actually still there – and the images are showing from the wrong directions still. Thanks for the help but I’m just going to delete this completely. It’s taking too much time and it is obviously not working as it should.

Side note, does it matter if I add CSS from the customizer? That’s what I had done and I’m wondering if that’s why it didn’t show up. I didn’t know I could add it from Pro > Launch > Theme Options. What is the difference?


Hi there,

I understand. Regarding the side note the Pro > Launch > Theme Options > CSS is the same as Customizer at the moment but we will eventually move over to the launch menu instead of the customizer in the future.

So it is wise to get used to the launch menu rather than Customizer. But the effect is the same at the moment and it is not the problem cause.

Thank you.

Thanks for letting me know!

I will definitely start adding CSS from the launch menu then.


Glad to hear we managed to help!