Close modals with Esc key - follow up

According to this thread, native ESC key solution should be added to the main codebase in Pro 6.4:

However, it is still not working for our modals, even though we have updated to Pro version 6.4.1.

Has this option been added into the main codebase for Pro 6.4?


Hey @JesperF,

Thanks for reaching out!

Upon checking on new release changelog, I don’t see this feature. I will check with our developer regarding on this issue.

Thanks … looking forward to hear what they say.

Hey @JesperF,

You’re most welcome!

@marc_a Any news?

Hi @JesperF,

Our development team is working on it and will release an update very soon.


Sounds great … looking forward :clap: :grinning:

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Hi @JesperF,

You are most welcome.

The ESC key controls for toggleables are coming sometime in December. We’re just working our way through issues caused by the latest update for now. Have a great day.

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