Advanced Mode

In this article, we're going to cover the Advanced Mode preference and how the Inspector behaves with it enabled or disabled.

  1. What is Advanced Mode?
  2. How to Enable/Disable Advanded Mode
  3. Summary

What is Advanced Mode?

When you inspect any of the builder elements, you'll be shown a collection of controls allowing you to change the properties of that element.

Advanced Mode is a preference that can be enabled allowing you full access to every control and value that can be adjusted on an element. Keep in mind that this can be hundreds of properties. For some users, that level of flexibility and control can be overwhelming - this is why we offer a simplified set of controls that appears whenever Advanced Mode is turned off.

When Advanced Mode is off, Element controls will always be organized into three sections

  • Content
  • Design
  • Customize

They will always appear in that order. The design section is always concluded with all the colors available on the element. When Advanced Mode is on, the control navigation will show more groups depending on what the element allows. You will also notice that when the preference is on, the control navigation has multiple tabs.

To visually demonstrate the differences, here is the Inspector of the Button element with Advanced Mode turned off.

Button Standard

Brace yourselves... here is the same element with Advanced Mode turned on.

Button Advanced

Something else worth noting is that Custom Attributes only appear if you have Advanced Mode enabled. This can be found by using the control navigation to view the Customize control group.

Button Customize

How to Enable/Disable Advanded Mode

Depending on which product you are using, Advanced Mode will be on or off by default

  • If you using Pro, Advanced Mode is On by default.
  • If you are using X or standalone Cornerstone, Advanced Mode is Off by default.

To toggle the preference, open the preferences panel from the Settings icon in the Bar.

Open Preferences

Make sure you are on the Preferences panel, then toggle the Advanced Mode preference.

Advanced Mode Preference


In this article we explored the differences in what controls are available when using Advanced Mode. We also covered how to toggle the preference on or off.

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