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Hi, how do I save a page that I have created in Pro so that I can apply it as a template to use for the blog section / category pages please, thanks

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You can save your page layout as a template then you need to export the layout as a template after exporting the template you need to import it through the “Template manager” Please have a look at the doc to learn more about how to export the layout as template and import the template.

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Thank you Prakash,

On a sep issue, how do I please feed the latest featured images from a specific category via a dynamic element using ACF please?

So I am feeding the image okay, but the post link is not working and I am having to do it via ‘specific post’ which is not going to work dynamically… each sep image needs to be offset by 1 post…

Alternatively a slider could work??

This is the category:

Thanks for your help

I will add login details

Hi @wolfproductions,

I have checked the Global Block and found that you have added the slides statically, and that is why you need to add the permalink of the post through the specific post option. If you want to do it through the Dynamic Content tag, you need to add the Looper Provider to the Slider element and add the Looper Consumer to the Slide. I would suggest you add the preset Post Scroll Slider and try to replicate the same in your slider.

Hope it helps.

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