Any update on this thread with broken CSS?

I found a solution a while back using the shortcode [cs_gb id=xxxx]. Everything was working great until recently. You can see that this works on some of my older posts but not on my most recent ones.

Post where it’s working:
Screenshot of it working:

Post where it’s not:
Screen of it not working:

As an update to the linked post, the CSS for component shortcode should output now. I noticed sometimes in the preview it looks unstyled, but it renders better in the frontend. I think at the time of posting it wouldn’t work with deferred types like off-canvas, which works now. Let me know if you encounter issues there.

I noticed earlier I had the same issue you posted in the screenshot, but I don’t seem to have it anymore. It sounded like a caching thing, was this the case? Was there anything on our end that went wrong?

Have a great weekend.

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