After auto notification today and updating theme X from 7.* version to the latest one 8.0.9 today the site giving me fatal error but solved myself

After updating theme X from 7.*** version to the latest one 8.0.9 today the site giving me fatal error, there was mention of wp estimation in that error

first, i deactivated wp estimation plugin, site works. Later on, I found this thread WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder Plugin not working

so as per thread above i have activated again my WP cost estimation plugin so fatal error reappeared
but begin deactivating the other plugin. My first deactivation on the list Contact Form 7 gives me the result and the site is working.

So it means WP Cost estimation and Contact Form 7 together is in conflict.

Hello @mujtaba677,

Thanks for writing in! It is good to know that you have resolved your issue. Aside from the conflict, you may have a PHP memory limit exhaustion. This happens when several plugins are running. You may need to check your PHP memory limit of at least 128MB which you can check in Tools > Site Health > Info > Server. If in case your limit is low, you can increase it to 256mb. Kindly check this out:

Best Regards.

Thank you so much for responding @ruenel I just notice your notes.

I found my PHP memory limit is 768M and also I change from X to pro.

This is the error when opening website:

Because I realize in need of contact form 7, can you suggest something?

Hi @mujtaba677,

To better help you further with your issue, we need to check your WordPress admin. To do that, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password
  • FTP Access

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.

Sorry for replying you late, thanks for responding. I have x theme installed on staging site. I am sending you details

because the error is same on both X and pro, so let me know what you find out when using WP cost and contact form 7 together.

Thank you so much for your help

Hello @mujtaba677,

I have logged in and investigated the issue further. I went ahead and I have updated the X theme, Cornerstone, and WP Cost and Estimation Forms plugin to X 8.0.10, CS 5.0.10, and E&P 9.721. The issue is now resolved.

Kindly check your site again.

Thank you so much for your help, its working now. All the theme and plugins mentioned are from your repository, so it means the update has worked. So in my main website which is now Pro version, I copied WP Cost 9.721 from what you installed and it works on pro also.

If I am missing anything for the update or it will do it through WordPress itself when you will update your main theme connected with license.

Many thanks.

Hi @mujtaba677,

We’re glad that it is now working properly on your end. If you have any other concerns regarding our theme features, feel free to reach us.

Thank you.

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