WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder Plugin not working


We are using Pro theme and having issues with the WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms plugin. Two issues:

  1. The shortcode isn’t working on the theme for some reason.
  2. We aren’t getting a notification email sent to us (hello@optimotive.co) when the form is submitted.

How can we get this to work?

Hello, @Web_Services,

Thanks for writing to us

I try to login into your website dashboard but unfortunately, it is not working. Please check and send us correct login credentials



Ok, here it is. I created a login for themeco.

Hey @Web_Services,

I deactivate all 3rd party plugins and the WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms worked. This means that one of the deactivate plugins is causing the issue.

Please activate the plugins one by one while checking if the issue will come back each time you activate a plugin. Once you discovered the conflicting plugin, please contact the plugin author to fix their plugin.


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