ACF Pro - upgrade notification is back

Nothing serious, but since the update today to ACF 6.2.3 the notification to upgrade to the pro version has started popping up. I remember this also happened a while back.

i can confirm this.

I sent a message to ACF. Believe it happened from update ACF 6.2.1. We can handle it a couple of different ways. Adding the following would remove it, but I’m not sure they would want us to do this as a solution.

add_action("init", function() {

I have added the code snippet and made a screenshot for the others :wink:

is there already a solution after 2 months?
thank you :slight_smile:

Nope, I was told ACF 6.2.5 would have some fixes, but I don’t see them when running that version. Might be in ACF 6.2.6. I can reach out again sometime this week.

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Receiving security / vulnerability notifications for version 6.2.3 across all of my sites. Know it’s a bit out of your control but just surfacing this as a bit more urgent as all of my client reports now show a known vulnerability on the site.

Also, separately but worth noting, it looks like they introduced a new potentially breaking change to the way ACF handles output of a field the_field() and the_sub_field(). Not sure if this is relevant but might be worth testing in CS to ensure there are no breaking changes:


I checked and we don’t use those functions at all, but thanks for sending this our way. Been running 6.2.5 all week everything seems fine minus the Pro validation message. I’ve sent a request to update it. Have a great day.

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