ACF Pro 6.2.3 Requiring Upgrade in Pro 6.4.5

I saw a thread in the Beta forum I could not reply to regarding the upgrade to pro notices in ACF Pro. It appears that they appeared in ACF Pro 6.2.1 according to the thread?

Does this impact the Pro functionality? I have sites that use Pro features, like repeater fields and blocks. I saw this thread hasn’t been updated for 11 days. Is there any news on this front?

In the meantime, I suppose I’ll have to continue to use ACF Pro 6.2.0.


Hello Asher,

You can continue using the current installed version. All features should still work for you. And if you can update to the latest Pro version 6.4.5, then that would also help.


I am using Pro 6.4.5. I also installed ACF Pro 6.2.3 fresh from the Pro admin panel. It does appear that I am still able to use functionality, such as Repeater fields, in my Field Groups for instance so that’s good. However, the ACF admin panel continues to appeal for me to upgrade my license to ACF PRO.


Hello Asher,

Please ignore it for now. Our developers are already working on this issue.


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