Accordion Elements Lost Formatting with Update(?)

It seems that all accordion elements on my website have lost formatting for line breaks/new paragraphs. Prior to the update, adding a single line break or new paragraph within an accordion element only required striking the return key. (HTML new paragraph tag created too much white space between lines so I opted for the return key to create the single line break) Now with the update, all line breaks created with the return key are ignored. I have multiple accordion elements on almost 100 portfolio pages. Is there an easy fix/solution for this or do I need to edit each accordion adding an HTML break tag between lines? Thanks for your assistance.

I have repaired the formatting issue on my home page accordion elements with new paragraph and line break tags and will begin the task of working through the numerous portfolio pages. If you have any suggestions to make this easier, please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Susan,

Glad to know that you have resolved that issue.


Hi there! This issue is not resolved. I am manually working through almost 100 portfolio pages correcting thousands of errors presumably caused by the update because I just can’t leave my website a mess while we figure out a solution. I will continue my manual repairs, but I really am hoping for a fix! Thanks!

Hey Susan,

We found a bug with the line breaks and already submitted to the issue tracker so the developers will be made aware of it. In the mean time you can follow the suggestion from this thread Line getting broken on Cornerstone

Thank you!

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Thank you! I appreciate your help. Happy New Year!

You’re most welcome and a very Happy New Year to you as well.


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