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    I have updated from X Pro to Pro. It seems like it is working (just the sidebar widgets I need to add again). I have a question regarding step 3, i.e below, as I am using a child theme. I am not sure what and where to: update the “Template” line in your style.css from xpro to pro. As it is optional maybe I don’t need to do anything..?

    Step 3: (Optional) If you are using a child theme, update the “Template” line in your style.css from xpro to pro.

    I really appreciate your help!

    Kind regards,



    From the moment I upgrade, i am now not able to bput my licence key and with the Iphone “safari ou Opera” I have a problem with the header display! Any idea?

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    mmthesign, glad to hear you got it worked out!

    Blue, I checked your site and it looks like HTTPS might not be configured properly. This can cause some portions of the builder not to load. I tried logging in with those credentials, but couldn’t get to the WordPress dashboard. If you’re still having issues, feel free to reach out to support so we can get a closer look at your site.

    Johanna, the safest way to modify a child theme is via FTP. You can download your style.css file (found under wp-content/themes/your-child-theme-name/style.css) and edit the file on your local machine with a text editor, then re-upload the file replacing the original.

    Sgaucher, I’m sorry you’re running into that issue. Could you please contact support and include the site URL and purchase code you’re using? We can take a closer look at why it’s not working.



    hi kyle,
    i have trouble understanding what exactly to do regarding step 3. can’t find the place where to do the change. also i am not sure what you mean with this: “If you have added custom code to the native code editors, you will need to move that over as well.” what are the native code editors?
    i also don’t really find the naming very ideal. i used to call it x theme. now just pro theme? that sounds strange when communicating with the “outside world”. within themeco it makes more sense of course… 😉
    thanks a lot! kai


    Chris D
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    Philip Stancil

    Hey, you could always go with ThemePro by Themeco! Lol.

    I don’t care what you guys call it–just keep making the best WordPress theme in the world! Thanks for everything you do.

    Question–is there any issue with simply updating to X Pro 1.1.0 and then changing the folder name on the server to Pro? I assume it’d also need to be changed in style.css.



    Just to chime in, I’m not much of a fan of the name change, not that it did change but that the change seems to lack creativity. While I understand that there was probably a compelling reason for the change, I am curious as to the lack of explanation for it. Every other theme seems to have some brand-able name. Did you consider notifying the community of the need for a name change and engage them to come up with something new?



    +1 from me 🙂



    kai, WordPress added custom CSS fields which are stored as “theme mods” meaning it’s stored per theme. If you used their custom CSS in the Customizer, you’ll need to add it back after switching to Pro.

    Chris, we can certainly help, but may need to take a closer look at the site. After you update to Pro again, send a link to the site to our support and we take a look at the actual problem to see what’s going on.

    Thanks Phillip! Doing that could present issues. There are a couple places throughout the theme that things are hardcoded to the theme slug. We would advise simply installing Pro as a new theme and switching.



    thank you alexander! meanwhile i figured it out. also how to update my child theme (via ftp).
    do you expect that the new builder app and integrated cornerstone will get speedier in the future?
    thanks! kai


    Todd B

    I have really loved X Theme and now the option of Pro to give a whole new range of possibilities. There is a learning curve but that is to be expected and I feel its worth the effort. I am ok with the name change but more concerned with recent issues updating.

    On one client site, first I updated from X Pro 1.0.4 to X Pro 1.1.0 using the update process in the dashboard. I got an error at the top of the dashboard “Division by zero in /wp-content/themes/pro/framework/functions/pro/migration.php on line 73.” And, page content was missing in the home page (headings, etc.) . I rolled back to 1.0.4 and I am going to wait before I update. I am just about to launch this site and cannot waste time trying to figure this issues out on top of everything else I am doing to work with my client to get this site launched. I can test on the development site and work with you to figure out the issue (if there are issues at the time when I update). This will be after I push the current version to the production url.

    The main issue for me is that this is the second time in the past week on two different sites that I have had to roll back. I had to roll back the latest version of X (5.1.0) back to 4.6.4 in a similar situation. I was just about to launch the site and I updated on the development domain. There was no text on the front end with the new responsive text feature and the font sizes were not ported over as described that they would be. I spent 1-2 hours trying to figure out why I could not see any content before rolling back to 4.6.4 and launching the site with that version.

    Maybe this is just a perfect storm of errors all at the same time but when I have a budget with my clients, I have a hard time spending hours of time trying to figure out errors and justifying charging my clients for that. I do not do cheap websites and one of the reasons I have become so fond of X is that it just works. I think I’ve only had one situation in the past where the update broke a site and I do many sites each year — between 10 – 20. I’m not sure what else to say other than I just wanted to communicate this. I realize you’re trying to do some really cool things and maybe you need to do more testing before releasing or I need to reset my expectations and charge more for each site to factor in time to deal with these kinds of issues.

    Thanks for listening.


    Garratt C

    Do we need to delete the cornerstone plugin if upgrading from X to Pro?


    Tony M

    I am getting the same errors when I switched from X to Pro… The Pro editor tries to load then it switches to cornerstone and I can’t edit anything.



    If we are using a child theme are there additional steps to take? Thank you.