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    As the title suggests, X Pro is being renamed to Pro. There are a couple steps you will need to take if you are currently using any version of X Pro. All downloads and purchases from this point forward are Pro.

    Why Are We Doing This?

    Regretfully the timing of this decision is outside of our control, and we realize this is not ideal. Our apologies for that. We do feel this will help provide further clarity between our products and thankfully it is a very quick, one-time task.

    What Have We Done?

    We have created a final version of X Pro (1.1.0) and an exact duplicate under the new Pro name (1.1.0).

    What Do You Need To Do?

    Because of the name change, you will need to manually activate the new theme. While there is no automated way, this process should take seconds. If you are currently using any version of X Pro between 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 please follow these steps.

    Step 1: Download the latest version of Pro from your Themeco dashboard.
    Step 2: Upload it via your WordPress dashboard and activate it.
    Step 3: (Optional) If you are using a child theme, update the “Template” line in your style.css from xpro to pro.
    Step 4: Once you are certain everything is working, you can delete X Pro.

    If you have added custom code to the native code editors, you will need to move that over as well.

    Please note: If you are not currently on the final version of X Pro (1.1.0) and are trying to switch to Pro (1.1.0) you may experience some standard issues surrounding any theme update as there have been several bug fix releases since launch. If you are just switching from X Pro 1.1.0 to Pro 1.1.0 nothing is changing besides the name.

    Anything Else I Need To Know?

    No, this is a one-time change for Pro customers only. It has no effect on X or future development plans for either product. If you run into any issues or have any questions about this process (not general theme support), please post them on this thread so we can keep everything organized in one place. Thanks!

    Helpful Links

    Changelog – Detailed notes on new features and bug fixes.
    Child Theme – Download the official X and Pro child themes.
    Pro Known Issues – Latest notes on confirmed, global issues.

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    Good decision, by the way.
    Most customers is confused, and think that original X is kind a limited or trial 🙂



    Also in the Stable Release from Pro 1.1.0 an Update Failure. After Updating by Following this Guide. I have an own Cornerstone Menu in the Dasboard (like on an X5 installation) wich says Cornerstone is not validated while X (not Pro) is not validated. If i look in my Pro/Overview Section…all is Green Pro is validated.

    It seems Cornerstone dont reconized wich Installation of X is active or it means it is a X5.



    The-E-Blog, can you try fully reinstalling Pro after downloading it on the Dashboard page? Something like that issue was happening with a release candidate, but was fixed before the release.



    This means that i will loose my sidebar widgets as i did when switching from X -> X Pro?

    This is standard WP functionality when switching themes, but it is rather irritating.



    Hi earthdog,

    We’re sorry about the inconvenience. As mentioned above we understand this certainly isn’t ideal, and there are parts outside our control, but we hope to make the process as smooth as possible. There’s no pressure to update right away, as X Pro 1.1.0 is identical to Pro 1.1.0 in every way other than the folder name. Regretfully you’ll just need to switch things over some time before the next update.


    Giovanni Di Grezia

    updated and changed to pro. But it’s irritating! This is the second time after your choose to create x pro (pro) that we had to update manually the theme! It’s not professional



    @alexander I have it sortet Out.. Only if i load Up the Update over FTP and activate then in Dasboard comes this Failure…

    If I load Up the over the Dashboard it runs perfect.



    Well, I do not mind the theme-switching but this has been suggested as a solution to my overdue customer ticket and nothing has really changed: I still do not see *any* UI fonts in my Cornerstone. I have a subdirectory WP installation.

    I would love to start creating with Pro but without any symbols and buttons in Cornerstone that is, unfortunately, not possible 🙁

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    @pankevely do you have Cors enabeld?

    Try this set this in your .htaccess

    <IfModule mod_headers.c>
        Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"


    The-E-Blog, glad to hear you got it working!

    pankevely, I’m not sure what would cause that, but something is blocking our SVG icons from loading. If you reach out to support, we could take a closer look at what’s going on there.



    Have anyone experienced this bug while updating to xpro 1.1.0 ?

    I have a white empty bar on the right side on mobile devices. Check the screen. It disapearing when i scroll website futher down( aprox 70% of website)
    Website link:
    On my production side there is no such thing, and it is runing on previous version of x pro
    Anyone knows how to solve it ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Ok I solved the issue.
    The problem is when you have a enable fade on scroll from right effect enabled.
    It expands the width of a page of an offset you set on this effect.
    For example i set a offset 100px and this 100px was added to width of my website.
    I hope for fix in an update otherwise we can not use fade from right effect


    Garratt C

    A better naming convention would have been to call it, X-Client, and X-Dev or just X and X-Dev



    Hi Guys

    I have some issues to custom my site from when upgrading my X site to Pro . I still can custom my site using the X cornerstone by every time I try to customise the page using Pro I can not see the page content itself . I missed or step or what ?
    Thank you

    ps : the Pro possibilities looks incredible. I did started customise it but I just cannot see the result every time 🙂

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