XPro : Cart Page & Checkout Page Customization

Greetings Themeco Team.

I knew that both pages i’ve mention above it came with Woocommerce shortcode. I wonder is there any we can customize the layout it rather having such a super basic layout… its so basic… look hideous…

Any plugin that you can suggest? or maybe we can copy from other theme and copy into our Xpro? (probably will get back to default after the update right? or might screwed up?)

At least give us something to modified those page please.

Anyway, latest update were super awesome especially on responsive editor… So cool!

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Ady,

Thank you for writing in, with PRO’s Layout Builder, you can create a Layout and assign it to the cart or checkout pages. The process would look like this:

  • Create a new Layouts and select WC Single
  • Click “Use Template” and choose cart or checkout as an example
  • Use the Preview manager to switch the live preview so it is previewing the context you want (Cart or Checkout)
  • Under the Settings, use the Assignment control to assign your layout to the right context

This will let you control the layout around your cart or checkout. Regretfully there isn’t a way to customize or change the design of the actual cart or checkout from within the builders. It also assumes the pages are still setup the way WooCommerce does by default which is a blank page with the [woocommerce_checkout] shortcode inside.

Hope it helps,

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