X theme / Cornerstone crashes when changing site name

I’m using X theme, Cornerstone and the Crafty site from the Theme.co design cloud (https://demo.theme.co/crafty/).
For the most, it works brilliant. Kudos for that.

When I try to change the name of the site (showing left in the header) from “Crafty.” to what it should be, everything goes wrong.

I do this under the General Settings panel in the X theme. X > Theme Options > Header.
In the field where the name is set, I delete “Crafty.” and enter the new name “BendeMal” .
On the right side/ preview side, nothing but a spinning circle arises.

Then, it all crashes. I cannot enter the site again for hours on the device I tried to change it from.
When I approach the site with a mobile device using the same wifi connection I can’t open the site as well.
If I use my mobile device on the cellular data network, I can reach the site.
But when I tried to change the name in general settings, the same thing happened.

The site can be reached on yet another device with its own cellular data connection, but I won’t try to do the same thing…

All other changes to the site so far worked without issue. But this one is a problem.

please help…

Hello @Snouk9k,

In order to help you with your concern, please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

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  • Admin level username and password

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