WP Forms not rendering in Cornerstone


I keep having issues with WP Forms rendering properly in Cornerstone. I’m using the Form Integration element, selecting WP Forms…but have tried using Raw element and headline with shortcode and still get same result as per below… The second image is how it renders on the front end.


Hello Darren,

Thanks for writing to us.

To help you with your concerns we need to check your setting, I would request please share the admin login details meanwhile I would suggest you troubleshoot a few of the common issues before we investigate your settings. Please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin-level username and password
  • Exact page URL

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Hey @DesignMunky,

I was able to replicate the issue. I will forward this to our Developers.

Please bear with us.

Thanks Ruenel,

It seems to be happening again with another form… It has a message: Please enable Javascript on your browser to complete the form. - not sure if that helps.

Hi @DesignMunky,

My colleague has already reported the issue to our development team and they are looking into it.


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