Wordpress Update Results in Critical Error Plugin.php


Recently I updated wordpress on a two x-theme sites which resulted in critical errors. Pretty sure you guys know what the error is and can fix easily, but I can’t seem to figure it our from your forums… Maybe the wordpress 6.2 issue but I can’t tell what version…I even had the folks who host my site look at it and they can’t figure it out. Can you have a look and help fix the sites? I don’t want to lose the sites - start over! They have been working perfect for so long! Send you the FTP info in a private message?

Hello @abehouse,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your site it seems that you have activated the Twenty Twenty theme at the moment I would suggest you please copy your site to the staging server and activate the X theme so that we can check your settings. Please share the FTP and login credentials of the staging server.


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