Woocommerce Front-End - Unable To Scroll After Page Load


I am having a weird issue on the front-end when a Woocommerce category page opens on an iPhone or iPad.

Firstly, when the page has loaded I am unable to scroll down the page. As I swipe to scroll, the page “bounces”, but will not actually scroll down the page. The only way I can seem to resolve the issue is to pinch the iPhone screen which draws in the page and then snaps out to teh screen width. It is then scrollable.

The second issue is related. Sometimes the page loads slightly zoomed in and again, scrolling in not possible until the pinch technique is used.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this behaviour?

Many thanks,

Hey Christopher,

It’s because of the content of the footer overflowing. It means the height of the content is taller than the height of the footer which activates a double scrollbar which causes scrolling problems. It’s similar to this case.

Please set all the Bars in your Footer to auto.

Hope that helps.

Hi Christian,

Thank you - that resolved the issue. I would never have found that one!

Many thanks,

You’re welcome, Christopher.

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