Woocommerce display only 4 products and have pagination on homepage

Is this possible? I tried adding products to the homepage, using a looper provider and all products, I added the pagination, but its not showing up…

Also, if that doesn’t work, is there a way of showing products in a slider, and have the 4 on the next slide be the next set of 4 products, instead of repeating? see the bottom row here:



Hello @oriol,

Thanks for writing to us.

Regretfully there is no option to set the pagination on the home page with the Looper. In case you want the product in the slider I would suggest you use the Slider(Inline) element then you need to use looper there on the slider and set the Looper Provider as Query String.

Test-Page-Cornerstone (20)

In case you don’t want to repeat the same product on the slider I would suggest you set the “order by” as “random”. It would display products randomly from your published products.

Hope it helps

Perfect, thanks!

You are most welcome @oriol

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