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Hello, I am making a WooCommerce account page with the pro layouts builder. I was wondering how I could use the looper feature to make a list of orders that are being/have been processed. Even if I need to code this certain element I would like to know to to implement that code in to the Account page layout.

This may be out of the realm of possibility but I would really appreciate any help at all. Thank you!

Hello Rosemary,

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You can use the Looper Provider Query Builder and make sure to select “Order”.

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Okay I thought that was how I would do it. However, when I create a looper provider for ‘order’ post types in a WC Archive layout, it seems that the only data it sees is the word ‘shop’. Meaning, when I create a looper consumer under that looper provider the order information does not display. I’m wondering if the Order query is trying to access the wrong data or something like that.

Or I might just be doing it wrong lol.

I’ll upload a picture of what it looks like:

Thank you so much for you suggestions!

Hello Rosemary,

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Thank you.

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