Why license code is not validated?

hi there,

i purchased a X theme on 2017-03-10 on Themeforest, then automatic converted to PRO theme, recently i download the new version of X-theme from themeforest and installed it in my rebuild wordpress site, but when i use the purchase code but the cornerstone did not accept and mentioned it is not validated ?

may i know what happen ?


Hello Lee,

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I can see that you have purchased X theme from ThemeForest and have upgraded to Pro theme. Please be advised that X and Pro licenses can only be used to validate the X theme and the Pro theme. If Cornerstone ask you to validate, it means that you are using Cornerstone with another theme. You will need a dedicated separate Cornerstone license code to be able to validate it. You cannot use X theme or Pro theme license code to validate Cornerstone.

Hope this helps.

hi thanks for your prompt replied, so what should i do now, install previous version and update only?

Hi Lee,

Since your license is for PRO then you need to install PRO. Please delete the X and Cornerstone from your site and install PRO. You can download the latest version of PRO from the APEX dashboard here, then follow the Installing The Theme guide in the following link.

Theme Installation

After you successfully install and activate the PRO, now is the time to validate it using your license.

Product Validation

Let us know how it goes,

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