Which translation plugin should I use?


I’m a WP beginner - and now I need to translate my site - I’ve searched the forum for clues but get really scared since I see only problems. So I need to know what language plugins are compatible to X-theme and Cornerstone before I set myself into a lot of trouble :open_mouth: and which plugin do you recommend?

My preferences:I have one site, original language Swedish, want to be able to translate to English and maybe german and polish. I’m ok with a paid plugin as long as it’s really working with Cornerstone and X-theme.


Hi Lotta,

Thanks for writing in! We have a separate translation guide on our knowledge base section, please review it first, so that you can translate the strings without a plugin if interested (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-translation/61).

Also you can use a plugin alternatively. WPML plugin is one of the most commonly used alternative plugin (https://wpml.org/), but it is not free.

If you’re interested in a free plugin, you may check qTranslate X (https://wordpress.org/plugins/qtranslate-x/). However it seems that plugin is not tested after WordPress v4.5.13, so you may experience incompatibility issues with latest version of WordPress.

Hope that helps.

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