Where or how to select Typekit fonts

I have installed Typekit extension with the ID and its validated and my fonts are mentioned in the Typekit window, but I still don’t see my Typekit fonts anywhere and I can’t choose them.
Where can I select the fonts, as I don’t see them in the customiser?
Should Font manager be on or off? In font manager it is not possible to type the Typekit ID, as I don’t see a window under the Typekit heading.
I also saw that there were more problems with Typekit and fonts not showing. Can you tell me what is the actual situation with typekit font showing in customiser typography section? Or how to get my Typekit fonts working?
Thanks in advance,

Hello Anna,

Instead of using the Typekit plugin, please use the Font Manager instead.

Here is the KB link about the Font Manager:

You should be able to register the Typekit fonts you want to use:

Hope this helps.

Hi Jade,
Thanks for your response. It worked!

Hello Anna,

Ah, glad to hear it’s sorted.

Have a nice weekend.

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