When importing site from design cloud, header is missing

hi there,
i importet the site demo crafty, all is there except the header. it is empty. i tried it severel times.
can you look into it?
credentials in secure note


Hi @deranaloge,

Thanks for reaching out.
It has been found that multiple blank headers have been assigned to the Entire Site, and that is why the Header was not shown. I went ahead and disassociated all the blank Headers and now the menu is showing as per the Crafty demo.



hi there,
where can i change the header? because in the builder it is empty?

thank you

Hey @deranaloge,

I believe what happened on your site is this:

  1. You created a blank Pro header and assigned it to the Entire Site
  2. You installed Crafty Site

With that scenario, you really won’t have a header because Design Cloud Sites don’t include a Pro Header. What’s included is a predesigned Original Header and the since you have assigned a Pro Header for the Entire Site already, that Pro Header is used instead of the Original Header.

I’ve tested another scenario to see if the Pro Header Content will be deleted when you install a Design Cloud Site and this is not the case.


To answer your question:

Simply assign a Header for the Entire Site. If you’re not familiar with Assignment and Conditions yet, you can learn from our doc here https://theme.co/docs/conditions-and-assignments

Add elements to your Pro Header (Entire Site). I believe you already know how to add elements to the header but if not, you can learn from the resources below.


hi there,

thank you. i did not look at the theme options. the header from the crafty template is not a pro header.
it can be changed in the theme options.

thanks again

Hi Harald,

Yes, that is correct, the Header on Crafty demo is a default header (not built in Header Builder), so you can configure it in the Theme Options area.