Weird stuff for Charlie

Hi @charlie ,

I could really use some help/thoughts on this.

I have had 3 sites recently where a layout went from fully designed and working to a blank section with no content at all.

on one site this was a single layout , and on two other sites it is the archive layout that has been ‘blanked’.

I have rebuilt the single layout issue as I thought it was a one off, but not touched the archive layouts. I would really appreciate your thoughts/help on this, esp if it is more widespread


Yes I have seen this a few days ago and again yesterday and I thought I was going mad. For me it was a single layout I created for the 404 page on 3 separate sites. They had been wiped out! No sections, no content or anything. Completely blank! Thought I had just missed it when building but as it was on more than site I questioned that I had definitely done it before this happened.

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Are these WPML sites? It sounds like a WPML thing. I’d try hard reloading the app a couple of times I noticed this happened to me, but the data was fine. Any more info on what’s on the site will help us as well. If you are getting an ovewritting issue with WPML the following can help to remove their actions which caused issues in the past.

add_action('cs_before_save_request', function() {

Definitely not wpml sites

I can share login details if you want to take a look but not sure what would be left to see as the layout archive is pretty much empty now

For me these aren’t WPML sites either. I will try and hard reload next time I come across it. Unfortunately, I had to rebuild the pages straight away as they weren’t loading correctly on the frontend. This also meant that the conditions set for those particular layouts were wiped too, as my 404 pages were showing on the frontend with the default (bummer) 404 error.

Is this a Pro 6.4 thing or a Pro 5-6 thing? Or did it just happen out of the blue? Maybe check revisions. Couldn’t really tell you what’s going on though.

I did notice the 404 is giving a warning as well as not working properly in the preview on my site. I never experienced missing content though.

@scotbaston If you send credentials I can check if it’s not hidden somewhere.

What’s different about archives and layouts is that the data is stored as JSON in post_content, as opposed to postmeta. It’s possible a plugin or WordPress might be removing that as being invalid. I can’t say I’ve heard of it happening yet.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for taking a look, login details below.

there is also a sister site to this one that has the same problem.

Hi Charlie,

I think this is a recent thing so definitely a Pro 6.4 thing not a Pro 5-6 thing (I saw in the Forum similar issues for that transition). I couldn’t tell you which particular 6.4 version it was though as didn’t check these when I updated. If I come across another I’ll let you know before I do anything to it.

Well good news is your layout is still there. Your post_content has become invalid due to some HTML. Couldn’t figure out how you got there though. Adding that same content in Rich text or HTML was just fine. Any details on why this happened, whether from steps or a plugin would be helpful.

The class was also called p1. I don’t know if that helps. This was in text content.


Thanks @charlie,

I’m pleased that the layout is still there, although I cannot see any of it, and the layout still does not work

How do I fix this please? I also have another site (a sister site based on a site duplication) that has the same problem. I am not sure on what may have caused it, but also had it with yet another unrelated site (all Pro sites).

first steps for me, is finding how to restore the layouts, then trying to prevent for the future

Yes here are some steps. I’ll break it down in case somebody else needs this. It’s not easy to do this process.

To find the broken JSON, I used the WP export. They all say “Layout”, which I would love to change, one of those will eventually be the “Archive Layout”. In this file I found your broken layout by the Post ID. Which will be at the top URL of a given layout.


Then I just passed that through a JSON formatter and it will most likely point you to the line that is broken. When you have fixed the JSON error then you will add this directly to post_content through something like PHPMyAdmin. I’ll send you more info in the secure note.

I remembered over the weekend that this happened a couple of times from Pro5-Pro6. I imagine the issues reveals itself when you save the post.

Example of what it would look like pasting in the new JSON.

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Thank for that information, I have added details below

The links did not work. However I realized I could just send you a .tco file. See the secure note and have a great day.

Not sure why the link didn’t work, I tried it prior to sending (via an incognito browser) and it worked. hey ho, not a problem.

Thanks for the .tco that worked almost perfectly (see the secure note for the :wink: )
Sorry… waiting on GDrive to sync before I can share the screenshot

See note for more info.

Thank you, and info attached below

Good to know. I’ll keep an eye out and try this next time.

You can contact me if you encounter this issue as well. Have a great day