Weird page launch before homepage (because of convertplug)


ok so when i disable convertplug this doesnt happends.

every time i go to homepage, i restricted access to members only so to view this u must goto homepage as not as logged in, or to the link i will attach in secure note.

this is the weird page that it shows me it shows the modals in one page lol >>

Hey @angelofgod,

What’s happening is normal because of your page’s performance (see secure note). Your page eventually loads completely but because your page is heavy with scripts and animations. There’s a lot going on in your page.

Measuring the performance of your page took a very long time that I aborted the process.

Just loading your page made my computer lag because it’s taking a lot of memory.

This is not an issue with ConvertPlus. This is an issue with your site’s performance. You need to reduce the scripts in your site. That means you need to remove features in your site that slows a page down like your background sound and scripts especially animations. It’s not for us to decide what’s good for your site though. This is your responsibility to manage.

Regretfullly, we could not help further with this issue.

Thank you for understanding.

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Ok so two thing i must say please

  1. I have tested this issue with convertplus, and i will attach a video of screen record ive made.
    in the video you can see what happends on this page ( ) when i disable converplus plugin and what happends when i activate it (when i refresh the frontend)
    from some reason when convertplus plugin is active is adds a preloading screen on every page that refreshes or load.

the website is locked for members and has restricted access,
plugin which are involved could be “User Access” it redirect to the page above ( )
you can see the preloading screen at the end of the video i did rewind.

Video Attached:

  1. i would realy love to optimize my website i just dont know realy much how, please tell me what i did to do i will do everything you guide me



Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) I was able to login in your site. It just that I could not figure out which one of the modal popup is assign to the mentioned page. Please check the modal popup assigned in your First Visit page. The modal popup assigned to the page needs to be deactivate if not being used to resolve this issue.

2.) To improve the performance of your site, please check out this knowledge base article:

Hope this helps.

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  1. I have disabled some, How do you know its assigned to the page? where .can i see it, and what is assigned to the page?

  2. i have enabled cache, and i have tried to activate EWWW Image Optimizer it says i need some ()exec premission, what is that? and is that all i need to do?

Hi @angelofgod,

  1. I can’t find it either. Please pause your popup, infobar, and slide in one at a time while checking the issue. If it’s gone, then you’ll know that it’s the one that is causing it, then delete, pause it, or simply exclude the page.

  1. In that one, you’ll need to contact your hosting provider. It’s a PHP function that usually blocked by your host for security reason.


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Hi @angelofgod,

I’m able to confirm this now on new installation, I added this to our issue tracker. Looks like related to ConvertPlus 3.3.4. Please check this for temporary workaround.


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