Weird bug with text element font size on Safari iOS when horizontal

This is a weird one…
iOS 17.3.1 on iPhone 11
There is something weird going on with the font size of a text element.
I have size set to 1em (base is 18px) but when I rotate the phone to landscape, the text changes to 22px.
I have used developer mode on my Mac with a cable to the phone to inspect the page. It works fine on all screen sizes on the Mac, this only happens on the phone… I can’t figure it out - except that it maybe has something to do with line height being set to inherit vs a set value (perhaps).
Login info in secure note.
Test page at:

I added the following CSS to your site to fix this. Do you want to play around with it and see how it does? Might be something we add everywhere to our theme or add to theme options. Have a great day

Thanks Charlie! As far as I can tell that has totally fixed it. I would never have figured it out.

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