WC Products Layout - Upsells / Cross Sells / Additional Products

Hi Team

Looking to add an “Additional Products” section down the bottom of the single product layout. However when I add a Looper for say 4 random products, sometimes it shows the current Product that is shown in that single product page.

Few questions, are there any looper options for either Cross Sells or Upsells (set within WooCommerce products)? Or alternatively, just a Looper option or Condition that removes the current product that is being viewed?


Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out!

You can check this thread about the WC Upsell/Cross Sells using the Loopers.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Thanks @marc_a

However, what would the string be for me to simply remove the current product being viewed?

I realise that Upsells and Cross-Sells are unavailable at present, so all I’m looking to do is remove the viewed product from the “You May Also Like” section and just render other products on a random basis.

@kory - any quick assistance here would be much appreciated if you have time.


Hi Sam,

Glad that we are able to explain it.


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