Validating my license to get access to the extensions on my computer using MAMP

I purchased a standard license of x-theme about a year ago. I purchased a hosting service thinking that I would be able to develop the Wordpress site there. I activated the license but have never developed the site to date other than playing around with the customizer settings and uploading a logo. The entire site is empty of content on the hosted server and has had an under construction plugin activated for a year now. It was installed on at my hosting company as a sub domain and has never been posted live.

I recently learned I could develop the site on my computer using MAMP and it will allow for faster development. I have installed a new Wordpress configuration on my computer using MAMP and have uploaded the newest version of X and cornerstone from within APEX. How can I validate x-theme on my computer with the license I purchased a year ago so I may have access to the extensions and short codes and automatic updates? I hate to have to purchase another license simply to have access to the extensions while developing the site on my computer locally. Is it just a matter of transferring the license from the hosted URL to the local url? Would I still be able to then transfer that site after it is fully developed to a live hosted site under that same license? It seems the regular license is for one live site and currently it is not and has never gone live.

Please tell me what my options are and how to achieve this.

hi , im new to this myself but from my knowledge ,within your themeco account were you find your licence info there is a option to activate a development area . input your info for development area on your pc and there you go. like i said im new so if this is wrong please correct me

I appreciate your post and was able to find the information field in my Themco account where you enter your staging info to activate it.

I tried entering the localhost staging license URL in the available field but was not successful when I entered my purchase code in the wp-admin to activate the local license. Perhaps there are certain requirements for the local install of a staging site to qualify it as a valid "staging license.

I read another post while searching for the answer and got the impression that the staging site must be a clone of the live site. I have a youtube video demoing how do that and have attempted to do it a couple of times but when it appeared that I successfully implemented the steps to bring my live hosted site local server on my computer, it became very confusing.

When I would log-in through the localhost with a new Wordpress database, as soon as I logged into the wp-admin and start to change update my plugins and my x-theme, it seemed to be doing it on my live site and once I attempted to do that from the entry point of the localhost it deactivated my live host license.

I was able to get my live host site activated again by performing a restore from an older backup. After that experience, if I understand the concept correctly once you have a cloned live site, you are working with two separate Wordpress connections to the live site, (one live wp database and one local database). I believe if you want to maintain your live-theme license, you must remember to log-in through your live site wp-admin and make your updates there. Then close out of your live site login and then log-in through your localhost login and you should see the cloned version of what you updated. If you forget to do these exact steps and try to update your live site through your local login settings, you will trigger your live site license to be revoked disallowing any further update privileges.

This made me very uneasy and I have since not been able to confirm if I understand this correctly,

If you or anyone else learn more about the proper steps on how to correctly setup a staging site and enter the proper information to activate the x-theme staging license field to enable privileges to access the extensions and live updates and can get back to me, I would appreciate it very much.

Hey There,

There is no need to have an exact copy of your site or anything similar. The only important thing for you MAMP environment is that you are using a vhost. You can’t validate an IP or “localhost” you need to setup a vhost. You can find many articles on how to setup a vhost in mamp by googling “mamp vhost setup”. Once done so you can add that vhost domain to the licensing page and then the validation will work.

Hi !
Yes I need to have an exact copy on Mamp, especially to local tests for theme and plugins updates which sometimes broke the site.
But before this, I always study how the theme works on Mamp before creating the site and if the the suits to me and to my client.
I bought X-theme today because of the promotional price and to test it for maybe create a website, but I’m no sure to use it in the future.
It depends how it works.
I’m very upset to read I am obliged to validate the product to test it on Mamp ; does it mean that I will not allow to use it to create a website online ?
I’m not a theif, I bought the theme on Themeforest and I have a purchase number!
I just want to test the theme on Mamp, maybe create a website if the tests are OK and have a local copy of my site on Mamp to test updates.
I work like this with all of my themes and websites and my clients appreciate their site never have technical problems; Does it mean that it’s impossible to have a local copy of my site on Mamp ?
If not, I will ask ThemeForest my money back ; it’s not normal to prevent to work correctly.
Many thanks for reply.

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

It was mentioned that there is no need to clone the site locally based on the previous user’s situation but you can always do it as you will need to use your local setup as the staging environment.

What was mentioned on this thread is the issue on validation if you are using the default URL that MAMP has which is http://localhost/ which would not work for validation that is why you will need to setup a vhost so that you can set a custom URL for your site and which you can indicate on the licenses page for you to be able to validate the theme.

Please note that even if you do not validate the theme, you can still use it and build a website using it but if your theme is validated, it will give you some benefits such as being able to easily install the bundled plugins in few clicks through the dashboard as well as getting automatic updates when there is a new release.

You can read more information about the theme validation here:

No, this is not correct. You can still use the theme without validating it but it will be cumbersome to install the plugins manually and manually updating theme through FTP that’s why it is encouraged for you to validate your installation.

If you intend to build you site locally, you might want to check out DesktopServer which allows you to have a custom URL of your site locally which you can validate.

Hope this explains some of your questions but please let us know if there is anything that is not clear so we can provide you more clarifications.

Thank you.