Using Looper Provides and Looper Consumers with Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomies

I have a custom post type called Case Results. It has a custom taxonomy called Case Types.

I created a single post layout builder with 2 columns. In the left column I am using a looper consumer to show the contents of the single CPT being viewed. In the right column I would like to see a list of other Case Results within the same Case Type taxonomy.

All is working someone well but the right column is also showing the same current post that is being viewed and I would prefer to not have it shown in the list that being shown.

I’m sure there’s an issue with the way the Looper Provider is probably being used, but not sure, specifically and I can’t find any videos where you showing Loopers with CPTs where you have the single post and a list of all other posts of that taxonomy shown on the same page.

I would appreciate any pointers for how to accomplish.

Hey @MulderDSM,

There’s not enough detail about the Looper Provider setup in your post so we can’t provide pointers right now. Please detail the Looper Provider setup or provide us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • Page URL where we can see the current setup
  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.


I provided a secure note. This is a development site, make any changes you need.

Hey @MulderDSM,

Upon checking, the Posts element in the Right Column is a Looper Consumer. It should be a Looper Provider > Current Post Terms > Case Types.

If that is not what you want, kindly populate your site with sample data and tell us exactly what data should display in the Left and Right columns.




Thank you. I have some more data. I now have 7 entries in the CPT for Case Results, 4 in one taxonomy type and 3 in the other, That right hand column should show a LIST of posts within that taxonomy but not include the one that is being viewed.

Hey @MulderDSM,

Thanks for the additional information. What you need would require nested Loopers and the use of Query String and the Dev Toolkit. The Dev Toolkit is mainly for troubleshooting purposes and testing unofficial features and the Query String requires the knowledge of WP Query like what Kory suggested in this thread. With that said, we could not provide support for them. You can subscribe to our One premium support if you wish guidance on those.

I thought of taking screenshots of what I described above but your staging site doesn’t load or keeps loading for too long.


Thank you! I think I have it solved for the most part except for this parameter: category_name={{dc:term:slug}. I think {{dc:term:slug} maybe should be some other value. My CPT Taxonomy is called case-type.

Hi @MulderDSM,

Glad to know that you are able to solve it. Please let us know if you need any further help on this.


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