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This may be a silly question, but is there a way to change fonts on the page? For example, I add a headline in to my page and I want the font to be different than what it is? Why can’t I simply just go to the sidebar and change it? Am I doing something incorrectly? I would imagine it should be simple - am I able to use as many fonts on a page as I want?

Do I need X Pro to do this?

Hi Brock,

Thank you for writing in, you can utilize the Fonts Manager this is like your palette of fonts, you can define fonts there as many as you need.

After you have defined your fonts, navigate to Theme Options > Typography and enable the Font Manager

Then scroll just below that and you’ll find the Body Font and Headings Font option, these will be your general body text font and headline font respectively.

And then if you want a specific font on a specific text/headline, you can do that on the Font Family option of the Text/Headline itself.

Font Manager

Hope it helps,

Perhaps that is the issue - I don’t see the “font family” when I click on the headline in Cornerstone. I had already enabled everything in the first couple steps, but I went back and checked and it was still like it should be. Anyway you can take a look?

Hi Brock,

I checked the headlines and they are set to Helvetica, then I checked the Typography and Font templates and it’s set to Helvetica.

May I know how you’re setting it up and which page is affected it?


For example, if I wanted to change “HOW WE CAN HELP” to a different font than “MARKETING PROVEN TO ENHANCE REVENUE,” how do I do that? They are both headlines

Hi Brock,

Ah, you mean apply different font that what’s set in Typography setting. I just thought the font you set isn’t working at all :slight_smile:

I don’t see the “font family” when I click on the headline

That option is only applicable for v2 headline, please delete that current classic headline and add the v2 headline.

Now, you must go back to font manager and add another font template, you can only assign that font to your headline from existing font templates. And I think you already added one (Engel).


Thanks for your reply, but I’m still not seeing the option to change the font even with V2 of the Headline - what am I doing wrong?

EDIT: I’m seeing if I use “Text” instead of “Headline,” but I’m not certain what the Headline issue is

Hello Brock,

Most of the other options will only be available if you enabled the “Advance Mode”. Please go to X/Pro > Settings > Permissions > User Preferences > Advance Mode and set it to “Always On”.

Please let us know if this works out for you.

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