Urgent - Please check the Dynamic Content issue on CSS

please could someone check my original post please - we need to launch the website today and so we need this fixed. Thank you!

Hello @bobbyninetoes,

Thanks for writing to us.

We have replied to your post please have a look at your old thread.


thank you for replying- but you haven’t resolved the issue. I believe its a bug. please check my original thread as I included more info in my reply,

still not sorted…please sort your bug

Hi @bobbyninetoes,

We have already reported this issue to our development team, and they are looking into it.


I sent a message in your other thread. Have a great day

hello, its been nearly a month and still no resolution… and 7 days without reply to my original thread…what’s going on…?

Hey @bobbyninetoes,

@Charlie has send a message on the other thread:


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