Upgrade BUG - Pro 5 to Pro 6 - Classic Gravity forms - continued

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@Charlie The code:

$forms = array();

//Forces a form id to save
//because the first choice will be considered ‘default’

$choices = [
‘value’ => ‘none’,
‘label’ => __( ‘Select a Form’, ‘cornerstone’ ),
‘disabled’ => true,

stops the first form from being the “default” form when choosing forms in the Classic Gravity Forms element. Why not eliminate this code altogether, and return it to the original code as was in Pro 5?

Your team is encouraging us to use the Form Integration element going forward, and the Classic Gravity forms element is no longer an option in the elements list. In essence, every form in the Classic Gravity forms element has already been chosen. We do not need the option to “Select a form”.

Can your team remove this in a future release?

Thank you.

We can look at reverting. The reason for the change being that if your gravity forms list changes, the form you were using as the default, now changes. I don’t think we can make everybody happy on this one, it wasn’t really setup properly in the first place. We might need to just give you a filter and move on. Have a great day.

Yes, a filter would be fantastic!

Yes, our team sets it up once and seldom adds any forms afterwards, so we would not encounter that issue very often. If you do add a filter, our desire would be to just eliminate that choice ‘Select a Form’ listed above and revert back to $choices=array ();

Thank you for your time!

Hello @charlie I hope all is well. I wanted to know if you have an ETA for the filter for us. We have a release that is about to roll out for our clients with this missing piece. Please let me know.

Thanks so much!

Next release is not till March 4th most likely. Since you are already looking at the code. Just remove the “Select a form” part for now and next release it’ll either be reverted, or you’ll add in the following filter to remove that functionality. Have a great day.

add_filter('cs_classic_gravity_forms_select_a_form_placeholder', '__return_false');

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