Update to Pro

Ok thanks.

I’ll try right away, and keep my finger crossed.

Thanks for the support.
Best regards,

Ok I update to Pro but I do not find following the path “wp-admin > Appearance > Themes > Install and activate” any option to install Pro.
How should I proceed ?
I sent already credentials with my previous message.


Hey Roberto,

Pro theme is a another WordPress theme apart from X. You will have to download the latest Pro theme version right in your dashboard (https://theme.co/apex/dashboard) and install it like any other theme.

Things to do and remember before activating Pro theme:

  • Please go to X > Validation > Theme Options manager.
  • Download the XCS files and save it to your computer. The XCS files holds the X Theme Option settings. You can import this later on once you activated the Pro theme. This is useful to make that Pro theme will have the same settings when you used X theme.

Hope this helps.

Ok I downloaded the Pro theme and download the XCS file.
Went back to theme but the pro dowloaded file isn’t in the .ZIP format all files have been unzipped.
How should I proceed ?

Thanks Roberto

Ok I zipped all files and now I am proceeding to install the theme.
The theme seem to be installed but I got an error message saying that need to be validate.
Could you please help ?
Best regards

Hi Roberto,

Please follow this guide to know how to validate the theme:


Thanks Alla,

I validate the product, and everything seems ok.

What should I do with the XCS file I dowloaded before upgrade to Pro ?
Before I was using a child theme “renew” and I would like to stay on a child theme, how can be achieved ?

Thanks again.


Hi Roberto,

Go to (Pro > Validation) and under “Theme Options Manager”, click on “Choose an XCS file or drag it here to import.” that’s how you can import that file.


Ok thanks, I did that and what about the child theme ?

Loading the XCS file, I noticed that the fonts are different from what they was before how can I adjust it ?



Hey Roberto,

We will fix your child theme first. Please go to Appearance > Editor and edit your child theme’s style.css file.
You must edit this line:

Template: x

and replace it with this:

Template: pro

Please let us know how it goes.

Hi RueNel,

thanks, I did what you suggested. And now ? I can’t see any pro child theme renew on Appearance>Editor that need to be activated…? Am I missing something ?

Thanks for the help and sorry for my questions…


Hey Roberto,

You would also need to add this code to your functions.php

add_filter( 'x_enqueue_parent_stylesheet', '__return_true' );

Add it above all the custom functions.

Hope that helps.

Hello Christian,

I did what you suggested

but I still can’t see any pro child renew theme to activate.

Any suggestions ?



Hey Roberto,

Your X Renew child theme is now a Pro child theme because the template has been changed to Pro and the parent stylesheet is now loaded.

Maybe you’re looking for the child theme thumbnail like this?

If that is what you’re looking for, you can download the Pro child theme here and then just move all your customizations in the new child theme.

You’re good to go with your current setup though. If you want to update the theme thumbnail and theme name, please see https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/advanced-topics/child-themes/


Hi Christian,

thank you so much for the clarifications.

If I understand correctly I should activate the X-Child Theme: Renew and everything should be fine.

I would like to set up everything more correctly using the appropriate icon but, because of my poor knowledge, I am afraid to mess up something and I don’t know how to move my current customization in the new child theme. The article you sent me is way too technical for me and I don’t feel myself confident. Could you provide some kind of help in achieving what above.
The only thing I did till now was to download the pro child teme, but I don’t know how to move my current customization from X-Child:renew to the new Pro-Child:renew

Thanks for the support.

Hi there,

Please edit your X child theme’s functions.php and copy its entire content, then with that content, replace the Pro child theme’s functions.php content. Then, copy the rest of the file from your X child theme to Po child theme (except style.css). Style.css is what defines your child theme so you can’t just copy it. Instead, if you have existing custom CSS in X Child theme’s style.css, just copy it to your Pro Child theme’s style.css (not the entire content, just your added custom CSS).

This process is only good if your existing X child has the latest structure and custom code, but if it’s from old one then you’ll have to do a manual coding to make it compatible to the latest Pro. And you must contact a developer to do itr. This is the same as site maintenance as you’ll have to fix and update your custom code, and you should do this in a staging site (not your live site).


Hi Rad thanks for the answer.

I am following you instruction and below youll’find two screenshot about coping the entire content of file functions.php from X child theme to Pro child theme.

Now I got a little confused about your sentence:

Then, copy the rest of the file from your X child theme to Po child theme (except style.css). Style.css is what defines your child theme so you can’t just copy it. Instead, if you have existing custom CSS in X Child theme’s style.css, just copy it to your Pro Child theme’s style.css (not the entire content, just your added custom CSS)

Do you mean that via ftp I have to copy the files languages and woocommerce from the folder X child renew to the folder Pro child ?
Attached a couple of screenshot of the actual situation:

Thank for the help, best regards

Yes, that is correct. You would need to copy all the files except style.css and also screenshot.png. screenshot.png is the child theme thumbnail so you will not want to override that if you’re going to use the fresh Pro child theme.

Ok Christian,

I did it all and everything seems to work properly having activated the new Pro child theme.

Now what about the fonts that are all italic now and they weren’t before.

Besides on the checkout page I got a strange behavior related to the credit card images and PayPal logo that was working correctly before the update. see screenshot below

Thank you very much for your valuable support.


Hi there,

Have you exported and imported your theme options settings? The italic bug is known issue and should be fixed in next 2.1 version. Though, not of all can reproduce this issue, so there should be something happened on your setup.

For now, as workaround, please add this CSS to your global custom CSS.

    .x-navbar .x-nav-wrap .x-nav > li > a,
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, .h1, .h2, .h3, .h4, .h5, .h6 {
    font-style: normal;

About the checkout and Paypal images, please add this CSS as well

.woocommerce-account form .payment_methods label img, .woocommerce-checkout form .payment_methods label img {
    display: block;