Update on this ๐Ÿ‘‰ Header Toggle

This :point_down:

I still have this issue not working. Iโ€™ve seen various updates of Pro did this feature came out?


Hey @abdurrehman,

The Sub Menu Trigger has been introduced in Pro 2.1 on May 29. With that option, you are free to choose if clicking on the parent menu will either open the sub-menu or open the page.

We also have a tutorial video on that. See https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/working-with-navigation/24852

Hope that helps.

I have added it on site see in notes still doenโ€™t work. It just toggle the sub-menu but doesnโ€™t open up the services page itself.

You didnโ€™t select Sub Indicator as the Sub Menu Trigger. I could see that in the source code.

If you have selected that option, it could be because of caching. I see that youโ€™re using W3TC. Please purge all caches including your browser cache then test again. Also test in incognito mode and other browsers.


If I select the Sub Menu then Iโ€™m not able to see the sub-menu items in mobile because it just simply load that page. Can you take a look this again? Now the sub-indicator is selected.

Hi Abd,

Itโ€™s working on your site, I clicked the sub-indicator of your Services menu item and it toggles the sub-menu. At first glance, looks like there is no sub-indicator because of its color versus its background. So please also change your sub-indicatorโ€™s color to white.

Or may I know what toggle behavior youโ€™re expecting? You can only have two possible link, anchor (where clicking the text will toggle it) and sub-indicator (where clicking the dropdown indicator like arrow will toggle it).


It was the color that confused, changing that itโ€™s visible and indeed it works.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Weโ€™re glad you figured it out.


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