Update/License/Transfer ... YIKES!

OK folks, please bear with me:

So I’ve been using X for several years, at http://thewordpresshelpers.com (note that it redirects to my Automattic-approved http://wordpress.answerguy.com). That site is ONLY an archive, as the project was abandoned in 2015 after my infamous “Automattic and I settled lawsuits” issue. And I haven’t updated either the theme or Cornerstone in years, because doing so breaks the site.

I MAY (emphasize “may”) want to move my license from there to http://adulting-101.net . At the moment, I’ve got that site set as my sandbox and am therefore in compliance with the single-site license I own.

So I have a few questions:

  1. IF I go ahead and move my license to A101, is it permissible to make TWPH my sandbox… and then just leave things as-are? I have no intention of buying a second license just to leave an old and unused-except-as-an-archive-of-an-old-version-of-the-theme live.

1a) If the answer is no, then assuming I go ahead with plans to use X on the new project, I’d take some sort of snapshot-in-time to leave TWPH “up”, and call it a day. So seriously, to avoid that I hope the answer is yes.

  1. The REASON I’m considering using X on the new project is that I already have a framework built on the old site that will work for the new site; I just need to change the categories and replace the content. But I’ve become a Divi guy, and honestly using that (or actually, its X-ish little brother “Extra”) would work, if with a bit more start-up effort. So I’m conflcted; Using X would save me some effort now, but going to Divi would likely be a better choice for me, long-term.

And SO:

  1. Assuming 1 and 1a work as I wish (“yup, just flip the licenses”), then I’m left at getting the new site up and running. I could port the site over using any number of tools, and that would work fine, but I’d rather use YOUR tools and set up from scratch. So then (here’s the technical question): how, using the newer version of X, do I get the old Ethos stack running?

Sorry, I know that was a lot. But it boils down to: license status, and Ethos under the current version of X.



Hi Jeff,

Thanks for reaching out.

You can assign a single license to a production site (live site) and staging site (a development site, or if that’s what you’re referring as sandbox).

  1. Then yes, you could do that. Assign it as your staging site, please check this https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-product-validation/55 under Assigning a site section.

If its purpose is merely staging then that should be okay, but if it’s a different project (old or not) then you will need a separate license.

  1. I’m not sure what else I can recommend on that setup as I’m not really sure the difficulty of what you’re trying to accomplish. I’ll leave it to you to decide :slight_smile: , but I would still recommend X theme.

  2. As it sounds that they are completely different sites and projects, and you just wish to use the staging to enable it for your different project. Then I guess, you’ll have to buy a new license for that new one. Or are you redesigning your site and just wish to upgrade to the new version? If yes, then one license should be okay.

And there is no old or new stack, what’s old are the added contents and not the stack. Like page contents, but yes, upgrading it will cause issues and you may re-do some of the content since you’re coming from very old versions where there are feature gaps. The stack stays the same, but it doesn’t mean the other features will have no issues after the upgrade. And yes, doing it on staging would give you more time to fix and troubleshoot it before pushing it live. It’s unavoidable since it’s really old, I consider it a major site’s maintenance and redesign.

If your question of how to fix issues prior to using new version, then I can’t provide specific recommendation. It’s all boil down to what issue you’re getting and it’s something we can’t predict. It’s still best if we could check it, then maybe we can provide some guidance so you could fix it yourself :slight_smile:


Hi, Rad.

I don’t like the answer re the legality of the inactive site, but I accept it.

I guess my question duplicating what I already had becomes moot as a result. Thanks.

You’re welcome!
We’re glad @Rad were able to help you out.

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