Unwanted Gap showing under banner on cell phone

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On iphone (see attached) there is a large gap under the revolution slider banner. WHy is this happening and is it possible to eliminate it.

Thanks Ralph

Hi @Ralphmyes,
Thanks for reaching out.

The issue is due to the preset static value for Min Height attribute in Slider > Layout section. Please reset the value none to calculate the height based on the screen size.

Slider-Revolution-‹-Barber-—-WordPress (6)


when I checked those were already set to none. I have inlciuded screen shots so you can see.

Hi @Ralphmyes,

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Thank you.

ok just put the inof in a secure note. thankyou!

Hey Ralph,

Thank you for providing the credentials. I went ahead and turned off the Layer Area Sizes for different screen resolutions and this seems to have fixed the issue (see screenshot)

Please clear all caches including your browser’s cache and test you site now. Cheers!

Thankyou so much for the excellent help on this it’s working!

Hey Ralph,

Glad to know that things are well for you

Have a great day!

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