Uninstall "Under Construction" and cause couldn't publish the site

It’s really stupid that I uninstall the "Under Construction"during i edit my site.
Cause i uninstall the “Under Construction”, so when finally finish my site. I couldn’t launch my site. Thus, I need help!
To deal with this problem, I already backup my site.
And I’m wondering if i should delete all my content of site to re-launch again.
Or just find out a way to fix it out.

Appreciate your help!!

Hi there,

You will need to re-install the plugin which you used for the Under Construction and turn off the functionality from the settings of that plugin.

Here is detailed information regarding the plugin:

Thank you.

Actually, i already done it with following the post which you offer before.
But, it doesn’t work at all, thus i come to support call for your help!
Could you offer a different way to solve this?
With a finish website, but i can’t do nothing with it really drive me crazy!
Pls help! Thanks a lot!

This might be due to caching. Please clear all caches in your caching plugin and completely remove it. Contact the caching plugin developer to learn how to do that. Simply uninstalling won’t remove left over settings and files that might still be taking effect. After that, clear your browser cache.


I found that i can’t not make my site publish is not because the “under construction”, but maybe relevant with cache.
The primary reason is i should turn my bluehost coming soon page first. Then the “under construction” can do their job. The step are following.
"Dashboard > General Settings > Bluehost Coming Soon Page (turn it off)

Thanks for helping this stupid question. Really appreciate your help!!

Thanks for letting us know!