Unable to display more than 12 posts in a Looper Provider

Hello team,

Here’s one specific shortcoming we are facing for one of our pages.

We are using a Looper Provider of Query Builder Type, to display our Ambassador team as posts. By default, it displays a count of 10 posts, but upon incrementing the no. for the count, it is possible to display only 12 posts and not more than that.

Can you please suggest an optimum way to deal with it and display the actual max count of posts instead?

FYI, currently, we have been using Version 4.1.5 of Pro theme.

Eg: Our team Page, https://a.plant-for-the-planet.org/our-team/
On this page, we have been using it to display the Global Board Members, but because of the limit issue, we had to use 2 different looper provider for the same section, as it has 14 members.

Thank You

Hello Sagar,

Thanks for writing to us.

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