Typography Settings = Utterly Confusing

Hi there,

I am completely confused regarding Typography settings.
I’ve read a handful of posts here about it - and still cannot grasp it.
Some posts refer to the THEME OPTIONS - TYPOGRAPHY, other posts refer to FONT TEMPLATES, still others refer to FONT MANAGER, and others refer to ELEMENT FONT SETTINGS. There is mention of setting weights and sizes for H1, H2, etc and using CSS to customize typography.

Can someone please explain in detail what each of these are for, and which over-rides the other? I am completely and utterly confused. This should be much better explained in the KB.

Help please…

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, I understand your confusion, but please take it like this;

The Theme Options > Typography, will be the general configuration of your site’s Typography. As you can see there is a body font and headline font configuration in there, those will be the defaults settings of your site’s typography.

You can also see the Root Font Size options in there, this is for your text responsiveness. I have a brief explanation of how that works here, please read and understand it. Kory has another explanation for Base Font Sizes here as well.

The Font Manager is like your box of font-families, you don’t want to bring all your tools every time, right? You just want to bring those tools that you needed. Same thing in the Font Manager you just want to select the font-families that you needed for your site.

Font Templates forget about that, that is now called Font Manager

ELEMENT FONT SETTINGS, if the Theme Options > Typography is general settings, then element font setting is for a specific element. For example, there is a text that you want to be highlighted and have a bigger font and different font-family, then you do that to its settings.

If the specific styling cannot be achieved within the element settings, then that’s the time you used Custom CSS

Hope this shed some lights,

This is super helpful indeed. Thank you!

You are most welcome!

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