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Hi together,

I tried to get a font through the Typekit Addon. I think I did everything what you wrote in your guide. But the font isnt display in the Body Font menu. I can see it in the Settings, but not in the menu. I also tried to turn on / off the fontmanager. But it doesnt change.

Please help.

Hey @patsorules,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. The Typekit extension will only work for old versions of X where the Font Manager was not yet added. For the recent versions, you will need to uninstall the Typekit extension and set your Typekit Kit ID in the Font Manager. You’ll then need to setup a new font in the Font Manager.and use that font for your Body Font or anywhere the Font Manager is enabled.

For more details about the Font Manager, please see https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/font-manager/101

Hope that helps.

Hey Christian,

thanks for your quick response. I did it like you said. The Fontmanager wrote “font added” but there is no font. In the guisw there is also showing the “body copy” and not the font in the end. dont get it.

Hi @patsorules,

You have added the Adobe font correctly to the Font Manager.

What you just need to do now is to assign the Brandon Grotesque font from Adobe font to the fonts you can use like the Body Copy.

Body Copy would then be the representation for Brandon Grotesque in the entire site. If you go to the Theme Options’ Typography setting, you want to assign Brandon Grotesque to the setting, set it with Body Copy.

Hope this explains it.

Thank you for the quick response again.

Where I find this?

Hi @patsorules,

It is a process of assign a name to the font that you can use later. Please kindly check this article to know how to do what my colleague said.

After that, whenever you add an element in the page builder you will have the name that you assigned available for you to choose from as the font of the element.

To change the Theme Generated text fonts you will need to go to X/Pro > Theme Options > Typography and assign the font for the Body text or the Heading text depending on your needs.

Thank you.

Hi there,

I already worked with the article. The problem is still the same. Where can I match that “Body Copy” is my Helvetica font. If I understand you right this is the way to have the font on my site, right?

For make it clear: I need to change the Menu in the new font. And also I want to use the font in Slider Revolution.

Best regards

Hi @patsorules,

I can see that Body Copy is now set as Helvetica:

For Menu, it is also in Theme Options:

For revslider, please check this guide.

Hope this helps.

HI thank you,

but its not Helvetika its Brandon what I loaded up.

Hello @patsorules,

You have added the Adode Typekit font successfully already. All you have to do now is to assign the font to the Body copy:

And then you enable to use the Font Manager in X > Theme Options > Typography. Once it is enabled, you should be able to select “Body Copy” which contains the assigned Brandon Font.

To know more how the typography and the font manager works, please check this out:

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