Trouble with installing theme X

Please bear with me, as I am not an experienced web developer and I’m just trying my best to follow documentation instructions.

I just purchased the new updated theme X with extended support.

Attached is my purchase code and certification.

I had an older version of X installed, so I followed the link instructions and renamed the “x” folder to “x-old”.

I just tried installing the new theme X that I purchased by uploading the zip file.

The install was unsuccessful and below is a screenshot of what I see.

Help needed. Thanks.

Hello @thaihouse,

Thanks for writing to us.

In order to install the X theme I would suggest you please have a look at this documentation to learn more about how to install the theme.

If it doesn’t work, please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin-level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


I have tried my best with the links and documentation provided.
Still having trouble =(

My website was working fine a few weeks ago. Always had Theme X installed.
I guess there was an automatic wordpress update that caused everything to go down (site wouldn’t load and I couldn’t even log into backend).
The hosting company was able to deactivate Theme X and now I can gain access to backend.
But the whole site looks bad and weird now. I purchased the latest Theme X to try and reinstall and restore the site to look as it’s supposed to.
But now unable to reinstall.
Thanks for your help.

Hey Keevin,

You cannot install X because the old version is still installed. You need to delete it from Appearance > Themes then download and install the latest version.

Please then update Cornerstone in WP Admin > Plugins.


I deleted the old Theme X.
Tried installing the new Theme X.
Still having the same issue - can’t install.

What can I do?
Would someone from your team be able to log in and install it for me?

Hey Keevin,

We do not offer theme installation as part of our theme support.

The installation issue you saw is most possibly because you downloaded the All files & documentation. That is not the installable file. Please download the Installable WordPress file only in Themeforest. Also, kindly review the installation instruction we’ve provided previously (see

Envato also provided a theme installation instruction here:

If you need us to install the theme for you, you can subscribe to our One Total Care service where we can do implementations in your site. See


Hi Team,

I was able to successfully install the new Theme X.
However upon activating it, my site now shows a “critical error” message.
Screenshot for your reference.

I can’t even activate my other themes to get the site to load.
Please help. Thank you.

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This is the message I am getting now.

Hello Keevin,

We were about to investigate the issue and we cannot continue at the moment because your hosting provider has been having maintenance issues.

Please contact them and inform us once the Accounter Center us back online so we can continue.

Thank you for your understanding.

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