Translation not working

I have followed this guide, but my translated strings are not showing. I translated strings relating to the “search” popup (enter text and hit enter) and the search results page. At least I hope that’s what I translated. and nb.po are both located in the languages folder of child theme. code appended to functions.php. norwegian selected as site language in WP settings.

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Since you’re translating it using mo files, then I will have to check it through FTP. Please provide your admin and FTP login credentials in a secure note.

For the meantime, please try copying your translation files under /wp-content/languages/themes/

Examples :

/wp-content/languages/themes/ /wp-content/languages/themes/__x__-en_US.po


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Thanks! Your fix worked, and from there I found my own errors. I had originally named my translations - and they needed to be


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I use the Plugin Loco Translate and i try to safe the file at " Authors Location" and it doesn’t work.
After chossing a the new Location “System”/languages/themes/ it works perfectly, thank you!

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Happy to hear that it worked perfectly already.

Feel free to ask us again.