Translate "Name", delete website et add ckeckbox on Comments

Hi on the comments part of post, I’m trying to :
Change name by “nom et prénom”
Delete the website field
Add a checkbox to susbribe to the newsletter.

Can you show me the way ?

Hi @monstres,

Unfortunately, this is a huge deal of customization which is outside of our support scope.

The first part is easy, and you can translate the Name section following this guide.

Removing the Website field and adding a Checkbox is deep customization that you need to install a child theme and copy the file below:




You can find the website field on line 421-424. And you can add new fields there, but it will be only a front end matter. There will be whole backend stuff going on to store the checkbox value you mentioned and connect it with whatever plugin you use for the newsletter which is beyond our support scope, and you will need to hire a developer to implement.

Thank you for your understanding.

ok, thanks.

I’ve tryed it in the child-theme, but i use integrity.
Is-it différent ?

Hi @monstres,

If you are using the Integrity stack then you should copy the file:




Hope this helps.

Yep, for sure, but the integrity.php file does not have the code for the comment into it :wink:

And my skills as developper are limited , sorry :slight_smile:

Hey @monstres.

In that case, I’d recommend that you find a developer to help you with customizing our theme.

ok, so you can not say what to change in the integrity.php file ?

And why it does not work if I change the ethos.php file ?

Hello @monstres,

The name in the Comments field should be translatable if you have translated your site properly. You may use WPML plugin in translating your site. You can also use the x.pot file ( or pro.pot if you are using Pro theme) to translate all the keywords in the theme properly. To know how to translate your site, please check this out:

Meanwhile, please check out this links that might help you modify the comments section:

Hope this helps.

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