Toolset Repeatable Fields in Looper

I have seen others bring this up before but with no real answer.

I have a Toolset Repeater field. I do not see it in the DC looper option so I add it via specific key so it looks like this:
{{dc:toolset:field field=“associated-labels”}}
Then I consume it. Then I want to pull in the first field in the repeater like this:
{{dc:toolset:field field=“associated-label-image”}}

And no luck, I have tried using the meta key as someone suggested and still no luck. Any help is appreciated.


Hello @wowflak,

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Instead of using this:

You can use this: {{dc:looper:field key="associated-label-image"}}

For more details about the custom field repeaters, please check out this video demo:

The ACF and Toolset are similar to use.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Thanks that totally makes sense but it still does not work.

I have a grid setup as looper provider:
{{dc:toolset:field field="associated-labels"}}
Then I consume that. Inside the cell I want an image from that repeater which is set to:
{{dc:looper:field key="associated-label-image"}}

No luck still. Perhaps you can take a look if I provide login?


Hello @wowflak,

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Still looking for help on this. Thanks

Hello @wowflak,

Nothing is displaying because there are no images in each of the Labels.

Please edit each labels and make sure to input the correct Associated Labels field with the image URLs.

  • See the secure notes.

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Hi, you have to expand the tab. They do have images.

Hey @wowflak,

I tested the Toolsets repeater and I can’t make it work unlike ACF Pro. Please just note that we do not support Toolset so we do can’t guarantee that Pro will work with Toolset. But, I’ve forwarded this thread to Runel as he might have experience with Toolset. Please kindly wait for his reply.


Please see secure note.

Glad to hear that. Runel will check this out when he’s back.

Nevermind on this, I will go with my workaround for now.


Hey @wowflak,

Great! If you have any other concerns or clarifications regarding our theme features, fee free to open up a new thread.

Thank you.