To start: There´s no bought item in my envato-account

Dear Team, I have a big Problem, please help me quickly. When I signed in to, I took the username AnneGründling - I didn´t see that he transfered the “ü” to an “u”. Then I bought the Pro Version (Apex?) and then read your Guideline how to start. There it´s told to go to themeforest, which appears as envato, and to Login there. I tried with the AnneGründling-name an was rejected. Then I made a mistake and created a new account at envato - with exactly the same username (AnneGrundling with u), mailadress and Password. But in there there is no item bought.

So now I can´t commence and am stuck. I have bought the Pro already and can´t Access it.

Please help me - envato doesn´t reply to my request since days!!! And, unfortunately, none of your platforms offers a support via phone, especially for noobs like me it would be a real help.

Thanks for getting back to me very soon, I really need to start.

Best, Anne

Hey Anne,

We’re sorry to hear that. I’d like to clarify first that you only have bought Pro and not X as I have seen in your licenses page. With that said, Envato is not connected in anyway to your purchase of Pro because Pro is not sold in Themeforest, the theme marketplace of Envato.

To get started, download Pro in your Dashboard and follow the steps below:

  1. Install Pro. For instructions, please see the Installing The Theme section at
  2. Validate Pro. This is so you can receive product updates. See
  3. Learn how to use Pro by reading the documentation and watching the tutorial videos in our Knowledge Base

Hope that helps.

Dear Christian,

ah ok, so Pro is less than X, it seems. So, envato is not for me, understood. When trying to install the Pro Version, I´m not given the same choices as listed in the Installation guide, I can just open oder save the file. When saving it, it goes into my pc´s download area as Folder. Within this Folder I have a lot of other Folders, but I don´t have pro in my Apex-Dashboard, there I still have the download button as before…so what exactly do I Need to do to install the pro theme Right? Please don´t send me the link again, it´s for X and doesn´t guide the pro user…

Thanks for your help, Anne

Hey Anne,

Pro is neither less or more than X. Pro has the Header and Footer Builder while X has the demos import.

In the installation guide, I said you follow the procedure starting from Installing The Theme. That’s the installation procedure of all WordPress themes. Not only X.

You’ve said you’ve downloaded Pro. It’s weird that you downloaded it as folder. If you download Pro or even X in the Dashboard, you get a zip file.

That zip file is what you need to install exactly as what’s said in the installation procedure. Do not open it in your computer. Upload it to your website. See the installation guide.

If you’re computer is automatically converting or extracting zip files, please download a program to zip the folder or hire an IT professional to zip the folder for you. That is only an issue on your end if that is the case.

Please tell us the exact steps you’re doing to install the theme so we could so we could point you to the right direction.


Dear Christian, ok great, that was helpful. I now did it from another computer and got the zip-file. But - I´m so sorry - where can I find the wp-admin Wordpress-Dashboard? what I see is only the left dark side with apex, account and forum - I don´t find the dashboard which is shown in the installation guide…I´m really sorry to cause you these circumstances, I think we´re almost there now, please help me find my way to the wp-admin now. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks, Anne

Hello Anne,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

It’s (wp-admin) is the administrator section of your WordPress powered website. To access the same you need to type in browser address bar. Please replace with your website URL.

To learn more, you can take a look at following resource.


Hello Christian, thank you, I now got it. To be honest, for a noob it´s tough to manage this on my own - not specifically concerning your site, but also my website hosting company, I didn´t have wp installed and other things, that´s why so many things didn´t work out. It might have been helpful to have some hints in your guidelines concerning the basics that need to exist alreday before installing all this.
So now I´m in and can start using Pro. Thanks again.

Hello Anne,

I also suggest you to take a look at our KB section as it has got resources that will help you to get started with Pro Theme and features it offers:


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